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Environmental Studies Program
» Introduction
In today’s global world Urbanization & Capitalism has made mankind a slave of machines and comforts. We are always looking for measures to ease out the manual work without realization of what this could do to our Environment. Lots of people today cannot even think about sustainable living. To help the environment in a small yet effective way, Nature Quest India has taken a bold step by organizing an Environmental study program. Our main concern is to address current environmental needs. Environmental Studies is the body of knowledge related to the interactions between people and the natural world and is an important ingredient of a liberal education. Nature Quest India’s Environmental Studies Program is a response to a wave of environmental activism. The principal mission of the Environmental Studies Program is to investigate and teach about natural and social systems and provide students with the opportunity to assess the complexity of environmental problems and understand how to search for solutions to these problems.

» Learning
This program will help students/ volunteers to understand the global aspects of Environmental problems. Students / Volunteers in Environmental Studies programs learn about a wide range of issues affecting the environment, as well as a range of specific topics that comprise the catchall category of environmental studies. Students / Volunteers with interests in the environment may conduct Environmental studies at Nature Quest Site and/or take advantage of the many other activities that are available. We strongly support linking classroom work with hands-on learning experiences.

A student / volunteer can study our local wildlife, learn about Herbal plants, Help us plant trees at and around Nature Quest campus, get hands on experience with organic farming, Gain knowledge about Global warming, Rain water harvesting, and also experience Yoga first hand. Students can learn and apply their knowledge, have fun and at the same time make a difference in the Environment. The Environmental Study Program (ESP) is a unique collaborative, interdisciplinary service-learning program.

» Eligibility
This program is open to all levels of students and professionals who want to volunteer and learn about India. Participants must be over 20 years of age easygoing and flexible. They must enjoy working for Environment and be able to live in the mountains. Volunteers must be open minded, willing to take initiative to contribute and learn from their environment and be respectful to their surroundings.

No prior experience required. Our local coordinator and the experienced staff will be at hand to provide guidance and support

» Orientation
Nature Quest will arrange all accommodations, and provide orientation on issues around diet, safety, communication, norms and culture in Thangaon. Our coordinators will hold meetings to monitor and evaluate the program and will provide 24-hour emergency support.

» Accommodation
In Than Gaon Village, accommodation is provided in simple cottages built at the Nature Quest site. Please note that the accommodation does not include facilities like air conditioning and Internet. The food provided in the program is traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine. In Dehradun city volunteers can experience the Indian Culture at grass root level by staying with an Indian Family and exchange their cultural experience.

» Program Cost
The cost of the program is $270.00 for 1 week in Thangaon and includes the following services:

Pre-departure orientation and support
Transport from Dehradun city to Thangaon
Yoga classes, lectures etc
Volunteer work support and monitoring
Cultural adjustment, health and safety orientation
Shared accommodation with three meals a day
Monitoring of the program
24 Hour emergency support
The cost will NOT include:

Daily local transportation around Dehradun during your free time. However, proper guidance will be provided to participants on how to use local transport systems.
Air ticket to New Delhi, India, visa fees and any travel insurance will be the responsibility of the volunteer.
Weekend and overnight excursions outside the program activities will have to be paid directly.

Expenses of personal nature like table drinks, mineral water, international telephone calls, or any other expenses which are not included in the above list as included.

» Fees & Schedules
Minimum duration 1 weeks
Can be extended upto 3 weeks
Registration fees $50
Program fees $270 (1 week)
Program schedules February 2013
January 2014
Additional weeks fee per week: $125
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